Solo Shields

SSA-25 SoloShield, Aluminum Pinhole Design, Adjustable Latex-Free Strap and Foam Lining, individual bag, 25 per Box

SSB-25 SoloShield Blue Polycarbonate, Pinhole Design, Latex-Free Foam Lining & Strap, individual bag, 25/Box

SSC-25SoloShield Clear Vented Polycarbonate with Latex Free Foam Lining and Adjustable Latex Free Strap, individual bag, 25/Box

SSX-25 SoloShield, Clear Polycarbonate Vented Shield, and Latex Free Adjustable Strap,, individual bag, 25/Box

SSMR-25 SoloShield Clear Polycarbonate, Moisture Retention Style, Latex Free Foam Lining, individual bag, Latex Free Adjustable Strap, 25/Box

SSMT-25 SoloShield Grey Tinted Polycarbonate Shield with Latex Free Foam Lining, Latex Free Adjustable Strap, individual bag,25/Box

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